When a Beauty Editor turns 50

She’s tried every beauty trend of the last 30 years. Now at 50,  former Vogue Australia staffer Jane Druker gives her beauty regime a (mostly) age-appropriate edit  As a 50-year-old former beauty editor and lifelong beauty aficionado, I know a thing or two about the trends that come (square nails, vajazzling), the ones that go […]

Should you take your husband’s name?

Beloved FClubUK Icon and recent interview Joan Collins has scolded her daughter for dutifully taking her new husbands’ surname. La Collins is no stranger to marriage but has never taken someone else’s name.  Both Marie Louise and I use our original surnames professionally. For me – as a journalist and editor -my byline is everything […]

Are there gonna be some serious Oscar upsets?

For me, February is Oscar movies month. I try and see each of the films before the big event – and in the middle of Awards season – to make my own mind up and about what is truly brilliant and what has been swept up in a tsunami of publicity. So far so fabulous. […]