Dear Diary – why oh why do I get up so early?

A Day in my Life love Jane x 6am We’re all early risers in my house and the first thing I do is make fresh Colombian coffee for me and my husband. He’s out of the house first as he’s a chef and has to cook breakfast the moment he arrives at his restaurant in […]

Metro: Ladies Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number by Jane Druker

Taking my daily visual inventory of fellow tube travellers I cannot help but notice women of every age are style-merging – I spy silver brogues, leopard print, Stan Smiths and skinnies on women of every hair colour, height and age. Is she 30, 45 or 55? Who knows and who cares. The generations that now share the same music, Netflix binge […] When a Beauty Editor turns 50

She’s tried every beauty trend of the last 30 years. Now at 50,  former Vogue Australia staffer Jane Druker gives her beauty regime a (mostly) age-appropriate edit  As a 50-year-old former beauty editor and lifelong beauty aficionado, I know a thing or two about the trends that come (square nails, vajazzling), the ones that go […]